Sharing essential internal communications messages across organisations is always a challenge. Rather than ‘death by Powerpoint’ what about a well-produced internal comms video? Exciting visuals and a great script will help capture your audience’s attention immediately.

Reduce time and costs

Group meetings really eat into the working day. An internal comms video can quickly communicate what would have been a long handout or presentation. It’s also more likely to be taken notice of, rather than deleted as just another email.

A friendly face

Increasingly, senior managers such as CEOs are using regular videos to communicate to all areas of their company. Video is the perfect way to give updates about developments, new policies or just thank everyone for a job well done.

True versus false

In times of uncertainty such as a restructure, one video shown to all guarantees messages are consistent. There’s no chance for misinterpretation. We can also produce on-screen animation explaining new hierarchies or processes to make things crystal-clear. Take a look at our animation section.

Getting new staff up to speed

Joining a new company can be daunting. By cutting down on induction documentation, you’ll present a friendlier impression to your new staff member. Instead of feeling awkward asking a colleague, they can watch and, more importantly, re-watch a video. We also produce training videos.

Next steps

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