Too often training video production is an afterthought. This results in poorly shot products which are tedious to watch.

The average person retains 50% of what they see, compared to just 10% of what they hear. Therefore a high quality, well-shot video will make your audience sit up.

Creating engaging training videos

Maybe you have a particular process that needs explaining? Or you’re introducing a new procedure? Training videos are also invaluable at refreshing people’s knowledge about Health and Safety issues.

Our background in entertainment at the likes of Disney means our videos are never boring. We can also add compelling graphics to make figures and statistics stand out. Or even original animation.

Consistent and cost-saving

A well-thought out training video can be a real asset to a company. It:

  • Guarantees your staff have all been given the same message.
  • Is cheaper to access an online video or DVD then sending training staff out to different locations.
  • Offers the opportunity for staff to give tips about how they work, bolstering recognition.
  • Acts as an archive which can be referred to and used for new staff without waiting for the next training cycle.

Next steps

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